How It Works


What is fit24®?



fit24® is a journey into optimal health...

fit24® is a month-long program with a new challenge starting on the first day of each month. fit24® is simple, flexible and fun. In teams of 4-7 people, you will each be challenged to achieve fitness, food and sleep goals on 24 days out of the month (yes the 80/20 rule applies; you don't have to be perfect!).

The more days you achieve the goals, the more points you earn for your team – the aim is to achieve each goal for 24 days of the month.

We'll give you the tools to eat better, to make fitness a fun and achievable part of your life and to relax.


To start with, it's all about the S's



Give up the Sugar

The goal: you must cut out foods that are high in sugar.

If you are trying to lose weight, the big game to win is getting off sugar. Or maybe you want to avoid the 3pm energy slump.

fit24® will challenge you to lose the sugar from your daily diet. 

By the end of the challenge you will have learnt skills to help you identify foods that are high in sugar and how to choose lower sugar alternatives.



Sleep the healthy way

The goal: you must get a healthy amount of sleep and avoid disruption from digital devices.

fit24® will challenge you to make sleep a priority in your life.

By the end of the challenge you will have learnt tips and techniques to help you get a good night’s sleep. 






Steps to a healthy life

The goal: you must do at least 20 minutes of exercise each day – you choose how!

Exercise boosts brainpower.  In fact the human brain evolved to work best in an unstable, outdoor environment, in more or less constant motion.

fit24® will challenge you to move more - inside and outside your workplace.

By the end of the challenge you will have made exercise a regular part of your daily routine.